Winter wonder building site

The winter chills are here, but that doesn’t stop our hard workers working.


I can imagine the suspense is killing you all by now, as it is myself. Well, you’ll be happy to know that building work is coming on a dream and we’re even discussing menus and recruitment. Exciting times.


As well as going through our impressive CV’s, we’ve been taking some time to finalise the interior, agree on staff uniforms and we’re planning our eclectic music playlists. Something to suit everybody only seems fair.


17 Rosemount is beginning to feel more and more like a functional building as apposed to a bomb site. With blue prints agreed and our colour scheme confirmed, things can start to move forward. We cross our fingers every day that we will be open as early as possible in the New year (2019). We don’t want to set an opening date just yet though, but we do want to consider our new, hard working and friendly team.


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…It’s only a matter of thyme.

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