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What's behind the green doors?

A small, breakfast cafe, soon to be a thriving, modern British cuisine bistro in the heart of our ever expanding Oxton village. We couldn’t be more excited. But what is actually going on behind those big green doors? I took to the ‘building site’ to find out.

Walking into a dark, bricked tunnel, it doesn’t look like much of a restaurant. Piles of bricks, bags of sand and a fair few stained, empty mugs. I’m sure our builders will work their magic.

Is there light at the end of this ‘tunnel’?

Apart from site foreman, Steve, telling all our lovely neighbours and passers by “it’s going to be a new McDonald’s drive thru”, work is actually progressing. We’ve hit a fair few bumps in the road in regards to building work. From drilling into a drain that wasn’t on the plans, to the roof almost caving in.

All in all, the not so restaurant looking restaurant will soon be up and running for everyone to enjoy.

… it’s just going to take a little Thyme.

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